Students seek reopening of girls’ schools in Afghanistan



Students from primary school students who have passed the final exam for the sixth grade said they are concerned about their future as going forward, they will not be able to continue their education due to the closure of secondary schools for girls.

The students said they want the reopening of secondary schools for girls across the country – that are closed for the past one and half years.

“Today is a day of despair because we will not be able to go to schools anymore like other girls who are already deprived of schooling,” said Husna, a student.

“I am so upset about the closure of schools. Girls across Afghanistan cannot go to schools,” said Sadia, a student.

Tayiba, a student who scored top in the sixth grade, said she is concerned about the closure of the girls’ schools. She asked the government not to deprive girls of schooling.

“I cannot continue my education. Primary school is not enough for me. I am worried about my future,” she added.

A number of Kabul residents asked the government to reopen secondary schools for girls.

“We asked the government to reopen schools and resume the classes,” said Latif, a Kabul resident.

“We ask the government to provide education facilities for girls so that they can go to schools,” said Mujtaba, a Kabul resident.

Secondary schools for girls are closed for the past one and a half years. The Islamic Emirate held an exam for girls who were in 12th grade but their schools were closed.—Tolonews