Street crimes decrease in Federal Capital, NA told


Police successfully handles 2,047 gatherings last year

Minister of State for Interior Abdul Rehman Khan Kanju on Monday informed the National Assembly that street crime in the Federal Capital had decreased due to the steps taken by the government.

Responding to a calling attention notice regarding increase in crimes in Islamabad, particularly against women, he said the Eagle Squad had been established in the Capital to check street crime and after the introduction of force, the crimes had considerably decreased in the areas.

The minister said it was the top priority of the government to safeguard movement of women in the Capital’s parks and public places.

About the F-9 Park, he said, about 100 CCTV cameras had been installed and lights made functional, with Eagle Squad personnel deputed for patrolling. The number of security guards in the park had also been increased to 20. The minister said with setting up of three new police stations in the Federal Capital, the total number had increased to 25 to facilitate its residents.

He said new police stations were established in Phulgran, Kirpa, and Sangjani. “The population of Islamabad has increased rapidly, and existing police stations were unable to cope with requirements of policing.”

The newly setup police station in Phulgran would be responsible for some of the areas that previously fell under the jurisdiction of Bara Kaho Police Station, he added.

Moreover,Showing firmness to their basic objective of maintaining law and order and ensure peace in the city, personnel of Islamabad capital police performed their duties with zeal and zest and successfully tackled 2,047 gatherings and programs.

In a statement here on Monday, police spokesperson said that the police were performing various kinds of duties and its personnel were accomplishing their responsibilities with best of their capabilities. Successful handling of around 2,047 events in 2022-23 is the reflection of the best performance of the police which is always committed to provide safety to the citizens.

The spokesperson said that Islamabad Capital Police were using all its resources to maintain peace in the federal capital. The police was facing threats like terrorism but playing an effective role in solving crimes through performing its duties as well. The police ensured effective security of 2,047 programs and maintained law and order. No untoward incident occurred due to the professionalism of the force which ensured peace in the federal capital. Policing and operations are carried out according to the police rules and court orders and cases are registered which are later decided in the courts according to the prevailing standards.