Stand with your flood-devastated brethren Donate generously in PM Flood Relief Fund | By M Fazal Ellahi


Stand with your flood-devastated brethren Donate generously in PM Flood Relief Fund

DELUGE of unprecedented magnitude has engulfed the entire country. A catastrophe of such enormity has, perhaps, never been seen before in the decades-long history of Pakistan.

The continuing calamitous deluge has taken a heavy toll on the hearth and homes of thousands.

It has completely destroyed the standing crops and infrastructure in the devastated areas. It has swept away many bridges, railway lines and beautiful buildings.

Last but not the least, it has brutally swept away hundreds of animals which were prized possessions of the devastated people …

prized, because they were the principal source of their livelihood. All this cogently depicts a doomsday scenario … a scenario that is profoundly tragic and heart-wrenching … a scenario that would continue to haunt the minds of the people for decades to come.

The country is passing through one of the worst economic crises in its history.

Despite severe financial constraints, the government continues to allocate whatever funds it can to provide much needed relief to people ruthlessly brutalized by the ongoing deluge across the country.

Pakistan, for obvious reasons, cannot deal with this gargantuan natural calamity unilaterally.

It has therefore appealed to the entire nation in general and the opulent segment of the Pakistani society in particular, to strengthen the hands of government in dealing with this gigantic humanitarian crisis effectively.

This can be done by contributing generously towards the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. To meet the pressing needs of the affected people, for items of daily consumption, contributions in kind could also make a significant difference.

Pakistan has also made a fervent appeal to the opulent nations of the world to come forward and extend it the support that it direly needs to provide immediate relief to the flood-devastated people … and steer the country out of this crisis of ineffable dimension.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.


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