Speakers express grave concerns over increase in drug use

Khuda Bux Brohi

Educationalast, poets teachers Students have expressed their concerns over the increasing usage of drugs among the news generation and have demanded to make such an atmosphere to crub usage of drug they said this while addressing a program organised by Alama Iqbal open University on the topic to free the schools of the drug.

Here on Tuesday
Regional director to Amama Iqbal open University Mr Aftab Ahmed, DEO Secondary education Thatta Nizam Khudai, renowned poet and Head master of GBHS Thatta Noor Sirai Mohmmed Bux Barani and others said that the drug is now rapidly spreading among the people particularly, students and young people,that is a challenge and a regrettable situation how save new generation.

They siad some 46,000 young addicts die every year in Pakistan of drug abuse, and more than of that is the number of deaths by road accidents caused by drugs. They said we also have to take care of the well-being of our children.

Because If a child becomes addicted to drugs, that will be difficult for both parents and teachers to brings him back to narmal life track by hardships or punishments.

They urged upon the society to come forward to play a role in eardiction of drugs from socity particularly from educational institutions.

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