Solidarity with Afghans



AS Afghanistan makes a new beginning as a sovereign nation, the federal cabinet, with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair, expressed complete solidarity with Afghans in their quest for a durable peace and reconstruction of the war-ravaged country.

The meeting reiterated the resolve of Pakistan to provide all possible assistance to the brotherly country to overcome their difficulties at this critical juncture of their history.

Propaganda of some Western powers and their partners in Afghanistan notwithstanding, Pakistan has all along provided practical assistance to people of Afghanistan during periods of crises, a proof of which is the presence of over three million refugees on its soil for decades.

Even after the fall of the Taliban Government and invasion of the country by the US-led NATO forces, Pakistan has consistently been pleading for a stoppage of the bloodshed and resolution of the conflict through dialogue.

This approach finally prevailed as the occupation forces were forced to withdraw in the face of un-mitigating struggle of the Afghan people against colonization of their country and inking of agreements between the Taliban and the United States on the one hand and the Taliban and the Kabul Government on the other hand.

Pakistan not only facilitated the dialogue process that resulted into these accords but also provided valuable assistance to ensure safe evacuation of over one hundred and fifty thousand foreign troops, foreign civilians and their collaborators.

Latest reports speak of a secret understanding between the United States and the Taliban under which the latter escorted Americans to the Kabul airport for airlifting.

As against this, the occupation forces showed their malice against Afghan people by destroying costly equipment and according to reports, they also damaged the air traffic controller at the Kabul airport besides freezing of assets that legitimately belonged to Afghan people.

The way the departing troops behaved sent a clear and unambiguous message that it was a forced occupation of a sovereign country and they left in a vindictive manner.

Actions and statements emanating from Western capitals and New Delhi speak volumes about their bad intentions and discriminatory approach towards the Taliban, who have, otherwise, done everything to maintain peace and security and start a journey on the path of progress and development.

Americans spent staggering 50 billion rupee a day for two decades on their military mission in Afghanistan but regrettably they are not willing to invest on reconstruction and welfare of Afghan people.

Afghans have suffered hugely during the last four decades and they deserve generous assistance from the world community to restore normalcy.

Pakistan has expressed its commitment to do so and it is hoped that other countries would also come forward without wasting further time to contribute their share in this noble mission.


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