Snow-clad hilly resorts choke due to heavy tourist influx


Freezing temperatures outbreaks Pneumonia in Hazara

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Snow-capped hilly resorts in northern areas of the country are continued fully packed with domestic and foreign tourists where a large number of tourists thronged various places to enjoy their weekend with their family and friends. The recent snowfall in Abbottabad, Murree and nearby hill stations has attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists. For residents of the twin cities, Murree’s close proximity makes it an especially attractive weekend getaway.
According to visitors in Abbottabad, due to weekend a large number of tourists thronging different hilly areas and Tourists were seen taking selfies and photos along roadsides which caused hindrance in the smooth flow of traffic in some roads of the cities. Locals of these areas talking to private news channels commented, that the powdery white layer in hilly restores including Galyaat, Swat, Naran, Abbottabad, Malam Jabba, Muree and nearby areas, enhanced the landscape beauty and attracting number of tourists.
After heavy snowfall and downpour in all across Hazara division freezing temperatures triggered Pneumonia in various places of the Hazara. In upper parts of the region Mercury dropped below zero particularly in Galyat, upper Mansehra, Battagram and Kohistan, Pneumonia outbreaks owing to below
zero degree temperature. A number of children were caught by the seasonal epidemic Pneumonia, which also affected a huge population in district Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram and Kohnistan. Some casualties were also reported by the Pneumonia in Mansehra and Battagram.
Sunday received the second snowfall of the season, causing sudden dip in temperature. The Pak-China border area (Sust, Hunza, and Gujal) Pass in the South and Babusar Pass in the North-East connecting the GB with rest of the country, received heavy snow fall, which disturbed the routine life of locality of high mountain areas and cites of GB.
The white strips of snow have covered the whole GB presenting an eye-catching and picturesque view. Meanwhile, the remotest hilly valleys of Gilgit situated in its extreme North and North-East including Nalter Bala, Bagrote and Gasho pahoot have received more than three to five inches snowfall. According to meteorological department, Skardu remained coldest places in Gilgit-Baltistan with minimum temperature recorded as (-13) Celsius on Sunday.
The minimum temperature in other districts included Gupis and Astore -9C, Gilgit and Hunza-4 C and Chilas 3 C. According to GB disaster Management Authority, landslides may occur in the few areas of GB, and alarmed the people to avoid travel of far flung areas and on Karakuram High way between GB to Rawalpindi. Meanwhile, due to snowfall PIA flights between Gilgit to Islamabad heve been cancelled.

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