Indian army chief’s rhetoric


TO divert attention from rising domestic protest against controversial and discriminatory Citizenship act, Indian civilian and military leadership is going ahead with its old policy of Pakistan bashing. Speaking to media in New Delhi, Indian army chief once again resorted to what could be called daydreaming when he stated that Indian army could capture Azad Kashmir (AJK) if given orders in this regard by Parliament.
Also after assuming charge as army chief last month, Gen Naravane, had used same kind of threatening tone against Pakistan. Such kind of war mongering has become a norm on part of Indian leadership that indeed poses a grave threat to regional peace and stability. Since Indian government has failed to control worsening internal situation and normalise situation in occupied Kashmir, it is resorting to such tactics and may undertake a diversionary misadventure against Pakistan. Deployment of missiles along the Line of Control (LoC) and extraordinary movement of Indian troops also strengthen these concerns. There is also no let-up in the Indian ceasefire violations. A man was killed in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on Saturday in unprovoked Indian shelling from across the LoC, marking first casualty of 2020. Nothing good can be expected from fascist and racist Modi whose tenure has only seen marginalisation of minorities especially the Muslims in India and total disregard of human rights in occupied Kashmir. US-Iran tension already poses a grave threat to regional peace and if India carries out any misadventure against Pakistan, it will have far more disastrous consequences for the whole region and the world at large.
While Pakistan’s armed forces have repeatedly proved the capability to defend the motherland, it is time for important capitals to rise above mere lip service and use their influence on New Delhi for resolution of lingering Kashmir dispute as per UNSC resolutions as well as protection of minorities in India. Modi stands exposed before the world because of the controversial steps he has taken since re-election, however, we need to further accelerate our efforts and reach out to western and Arab peoples through our Diaspora to highlight true plight of Kashmiri and Indian Muslims. A strong reaction within these countries will pressurise their governments to move against India while rising above any political and economic expediency.