Skills Todo, Pakistan’s e-Learning platform continues to stand 2nd


Startany is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with businesses, customers, and experts that are well-versed in the digital economy who want to start their own internet business. There are currently 3000+ startups registered at Startany from 150+ countries around the world, and Skills Todo proudly ranks second in that chart, a source of pride for Pakistan’s startup community.

Under 2500 Rs. and 90 minutes, Skills Todo provides online Urdu courses from some of the best business experts. Since all of the maestros/trainers on the network benefit from the same expertise that they teach, the platform’s reputation and practicality are greatly enhanced.

The platform also has a comprehensive LMS (Learning Management System) that allows users to monitor their progress, keep track of quizzes, and receive a certificate at the end of the course. The majority of the courses need a 70% passing grade to receive a certificate of completion.

“Our mission is to reduce the time, investment, and effort required to learn a skill. We’re building a platform that helps people (i) start online earning or (ii) improve their employability. Since language has been a barrier in learning for a very long time so we have tried to keep our courses in the Urdu language, except for those that essentially require English for example courses on “English Language” etc.” says the CEO Ayesha Zaman Hammaad.

How will these maestros cover full expertise in less than 90 minutes, one may wonder? The platform’s appeal is that it removes the clutter from eLearning and breaks down skills into granular lessons, allowing users to focus on what they really want to learn and compensate for just the period of time.

The Skills Todo Ramadan initiative, which portrays an ability learning rivalry between two characters Ahsan and Subhan, has received widespread praise and demonstrates how the website is assisting skill learners to remain ahead of the competition.

Additionally, all of Skills Todo’s courses are 25% off during the month of Ramadan. So take advantage of this chance and purchase your favorite courses from Pakistan’s own eLearning website to pursue your education.

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