Dr Aamir Liquat Hussain’s alleged third wife surfaces (VIDEO)


Famed televangelist and lawmaker of ruling PTI, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, has landed another controversy following his hilarious Nagin dance performance during a live show.

Haniya Khan, a model and actor, has claimed to be third wife of the TV personality, sharing some screenshots of her conversation with the alleged husband as proof.

She also shared a video message, which has taken by storm on social media, announcing her alleged marriage with the former religious minister publicly.

Khan explained that the marriage had been accepted by their families, adding that Tuba Aamir, the second wife of the MNA, is not ready to accept it.

Besides calling Tuba hypocrite and enemy, the model also lashed out at Aamir, accusing him of cheating on her. She called him a “traitor”.

Explaining mental stress she suffered due to this marriage, Haniya said that she tried to commit suicide for four times, adding she had also beaten her mother due to the TV personality.

Dr Aamir Liquat, who is making headlines these days with his infamous activities during the Radaman transmission, has not responded to the allegations yet.

He tied the knot for second time with Tuba Khan in 2018. The marriage also caused partition with his first wife Bushra.

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