SIU detains four suspects from ‘separatist group’


The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Sindh police have on Tuesday led an operation near Hub River Road and detained at least four alleged terrorists involved in a number of nefarious activities and who belong to a separatist group whose identity police have not yet disclosed.


According to the unit, the police raid not only intercepted the movement of alleged terrorists and detained them but also recovered the weapons from the latter including a hand grenade and also a gun that was snatched earlier from some police personnel.


Police said the suspects were found to have snatched the weapon from one traffic section personnel at Bin Qasim and said they are part of a 25-strong group whose many associates have already been arrested.The said separatist group is wanted by the police in at least 13 registered cases, said SIU officials.


Separately reported earlier from the security state of the city, a sessions court acquitted Uzair Baloch, kingpin of the infamous Lyari Gang War, in yet another case for want of evidence.


The court observed that the prosecution side failed to place on record evidence to prosecute the accused. Baloch moved an application seeking his acquittal in a 2012 case registered at Kalri police station.


According to the police, the case pertains to an armed attack on the police station. The accused and his accomplices had allegedly opened fire at the police station and fled after the cops present their returned fire.


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