Unit launched to boost tourism sector


TravelinPK, a tourism consultancy and facilitation company launched here with a bang among a large number of members of the travel fraternity, friends and media.

A partnership of nine people who have been working together for over a year as FPCCI’s Central Committee of Tourism Development under Convener Shanaz Ramzi, the office bearers of the organization are: president – Shanaz Ramzi; SVP – Syed Baqar Mahdi, and VPS — Zubair Baweja and NasiraFaiz.

The other partners are Anadil Khan, Almas Tariq, Amena Khan, RabeeaMinai andFareeda Nishtar.

Friends of TravelinPK who are working closely with the partners are Faisal Mahmood, Jehanzeb Salim, Atiqur Rehman, Mehrin Ansari, ShumailaHadi and Madiha Fatima.


The event kick started with VP NasiraFaiz hosting the show and inviting a young student, Mohammed Ali, for Tilawat, followed by the national anthem. President Shanaz Ramzi then welcomed all and gave an introduction to the company.

She said “TravelinPK is unique in more ways than one. Its partners – and there are many – all bring varied and rich experiences of a sector that we feel needs to be taken head-on in a holistic fashion.

Not only are the partners experienced, resourceful and connected, they are all avid travellers with a wealth of knowledge of how things can be improved in the country. From hoteliers, to travel agents to entrepreneurs we have the lot.

And that’s not all – beyond our very active partners we have very active friends of TravelinPK who have been part of our committee since last year and who are an integral part of our company even today, even if they have no financial stakes involved for the time being.”

After her introduction she showed a visual presentation of all the services that TravelinPK would provide to its clients as well as to other travel-related businesses so as to up their act and facilitate them in providing a pleasurable experience to their clients.

A beautiful video was also shown of all that Pakistan has to offer in terms of sights, culture, ethnicities, cuisine, crafts, heritage and much more.


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