SITE asks Govt to emergent gas arrangements for industries


Staff Reporter


Riaz Uddin, Senior Vice President of SITE Association of Industry has urged the federal government and Ministry of Petroleum to emergent arrangements to provide gas to industries of Sindh, said that the federal government had assured uninterrupted gas supply at an enhanced rate of Rs. 930 to the Industrial sector and for this purpose.
In a statement, Riaz Uddin said that the government was supposed to procure additional RLNG for two existing terminals to produce 1250- 1300 MMcfd to supply to the Industry on-time during winters, out of which 1000 MMcfd was supposed to be given to SNGPL and 200 -250 MMcfd to SSGC. However, due delay in procuring additional RLNG we are afraid that from January 150 MMcfd will likely go to SNGPL and only 50 MMcfd has been allocated for SSGC which is merely peanuts for the entire Industry in Sindh.
“Under the current cold weather, Quetta will also require substantial gas and pressure. As a result, the Industries in Sindh would hardly be getting any gas in winter months and would be left high & dry.

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