Siraj expresses concern over deteriorating law & order situation


Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Emir Sirajul Haq has expressed concern over deteriorating law and order situation in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In a statement issued from Mansoorahon Thursday, Sirajul Haq said the prime minister and chief minister KP will be direct responsible if something happened in the area. He said people of KP were worried about the security situation in the Dir valley. It seemed, he added, the province was being pushed towards security crisis under a conspiracy.

He said the PTI was in the government in KP for over nine years and it had done nothing for the welfare of the public during this time period. He held the PDM and the PPP equally responsible for the destruction of the national economy. He said the incumbent and previous governments destroyed every sector and created multiple crises. He said the bad-governance; corruption and ill-conceived economic policies were the root causes of the problems. The country needed honest and dedicated leadership to pull it out of prevailing circumstances.Sirajul Haq said along with inflation, unemployment and load shedding, the masses were also worried about their protection now. The rulers, he said, were engaged in the war of protection of self-interests amid the overall crises, abandoning the masses. He also reiterated demand to abolish interest-based economy, asking the government to withdraw appeal from the Supreme Court against the decision of the Federal Shariah Court.

Meanwhile, the JI will start countrywide protest movement against inflated bills from today. The JI Chiefs Sirajul Haq will address the central rally in Peshawar while the protests demonstrations will hold in Islamabad and Lahore on August 15 and August 17 respectively.


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