Sindh United Party merges into GDA


Sindh’s largest political party Sindh United Party has become a part of GDA, Pir Pagara and Syed family’s decision to do full politics together, PPP’s 15-year failed rule, alleged corruption, bad governance, Syed will go public. Sadruddin Shah Rashidi says that if the army is strong, it will unite the four provinces.

The current situation is not good. It is not an election on such an occasion, but it is important to strengthen and save Pakistan. PPP has been supporting PTI for three years. He expressed these views. along with other leaders including Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah, Zain Shah of SUH and Dr. Safdar Abbasi, Sardar Abdul Rahim of GDA at Functional League House on Monday.

But the crowd did during the press conference. On this occasion, a memorandum of understanding was signed between GDA and SUP, Secretary Information GDA Sardar Abdul Rahim read out the following points, GDA Syed Sadruddin Shah Rashidi and SUP Syed. Zain Shah signed MoU Syed Sadruddin Shah on behalf of GDA and Syed Zain Shah on behalf of SUP signed during a crowded press conference at Functional House Clifton on this occasion Dr. Safdar Abbasi of GDA. , Sardar Abdul Rahim, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah of SUP, Zain Shah, Roshan Barro, Khawaja Naveed Amin, Hasnain Mirza, Nand Kumar, Syed Ghazanfar Shah, Arshad Shar Baloch and other leaders were present.

The points of the memorandum of understanding are listed below. We will be steadfast in protecting the geographical borders of Sindh.

We will always be vigilant and ensure the protection of the Indus River, the Indus Delta and the Indus’s share of water resources under international law and international rights to the lower reaches of the river.

We will fight for the homogenous demographic stability of Sindh and the protection of its democratic rights to govern and rule according to law. We will fight for the protection, promotion and development of Sindhi language along with other regional languages and Urdu and its recognition as the national language.