Sindh to establish university to preserve language


12th International Urdu Conference

Zubair Yaqoob

“Sindh is the only province of Pakistan where we are establishing a university to preserve the language,” Said Sardar Ahmed Shah provincial minister of Culture Sindh. He was addressing the 2nd session of the ongoing 12th international Urdu conference at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. He said that the federation needs to discuss everything with the university.
It is impossible a few make policies and ask the rest of us to implement these policies accordingly. “Pakistan is a federation of five natives and all of them has thousands of years history, culture, and art, therefore, we need to preserve everyone” he added. Amjid Islam Amjid said many invaders invaded this land and we need to understand that we have a history of our own region. We should accept that we have to accept the decision of history because we cannot change it.
We need to accept each other and realize the fate of each other. Qasim Bhugio said, “culture belongs to people, in the past, our people admired the cultures from the other parts of the world now it is our core responsibility to develop and admire the collective culture of Pakistan”. Ghazi Sallah Uddin said we are suffering from civilizational backwordness and we need to step away from them.