Desperate politicians of Sindh meeting with panicked PM: Murad


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah giving an oblique reference of Sindh opposition parties meeting with prime minister said that some disappointed political souls of Sindh held a meeting with an already ‘panicked person’ in Islamabad and complained against him but the `already panicked person’ urged them not to be panicked and sent them back.
“I am quite surprised that the politically rejected and despaired persons of Sindh went to seek support from that person in Islamabad who is already insecure of me that is why he is not convening CCI meetings. The CCI meeting the prime minister had convened on December 11 has also been postponed.” This he said while addressing the inaugural ceremony seven development projects of Rs5.9 billion by Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari here on Saturday at Shaheed-e-Millat Road.
The chief minister said that the performance of his government has upset the night-sleeps of various rejected political people of Sindh that was why they travelled to Islamabad and met with a ‘panicked person’ and requested him to take action against provincial government of Sindh. “The panicked person flustered further and ‘in a fit of frustration’ told his group of frustrated visitors not be panicked. Mr Shah said that the person sitting in Islamabad was insecure of him that’s was why he was not only meeting with him during his visits to Karachi but did not convene CCI meetings because he won’t be able to face him. “He knows when Murad Shah will attend the CCI meeting he will snatch away the funds the PTI government has stopped,” he added.
“Yes, today I am giving you [the disappointed and political rejected people] to be more disappointed and panicked because I am going to inaugurate inaugurating the projects by the chairman PPP we had started in the end of our last tenure,” he said.
Addressing the leading businessmen in the inauguration programme, the chief minister said that the ‘panicked person’ of Islamabad was branding you as thieves though you have been contribution a lot in the national exchequer. The person in Islamabad [PM] was learning through media that the poor people were unable to bear the burden of price hike but “being close to the people of Sindh we feel the pain they are feeling while providing square meals to their family members,” he said.
Mr Shah said that a few projects such as Green Line and Manghopir Road reconstruction were launched by the PML-N federal government but being the great claimant of Karachi neither you [PM] have not initiated a single project here not completed the projects the Nawaz government had initiated.—INP