Dengue claims two more lives


The dengue fever cases were reportedly dropped by 93 percent but the situation in Sindh disappointing as two more dengue patients died in Karachi hospitals.
As per details, a woman resident of North Nazimabad and a three-month-old baby of Gulshan-e-Malir passed away in hospitals of the metropolis due to dengue fever.
This year a total of 15,963 dengue cases were detected in Sindh province so far out of which, 14,837 were reported in Karachi and remaining in other districts of the province.
According to the Ministry of National Health, no cases of dengue fever reported in Balochistan, Azad Kashmir and Islamabad, while the number of the cases in Punjab goes down by 97 percent.
As many as 94 cases were reported across the country including 84 patients in Sindh and eight in Punjab.
A total of 92 people have died across Pakistan, 47 of which were from Sindh and most of them from Karachi.
In December, a total of 462 dengue positive cases emerged across the province out of which 422 were confirmed in Karachi and 40 in other districts.—INP