Sindh govt wants to destroy education sector under a plan, alleges PTI leader

Our Correspondent

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President and Member Sindh Assembly Khurram Sher Zaman, while addressing a press conference at the Insaf House on Saturday, said the provincial government intended to destroy education in the province under a well-organised plan.

The PPP had once again tasked Sardar Shah with running education on the advice of “Anil Kapoor (referring to CM Murad Ali Shah) who dreams at night and making changes in the system through press statements the next day’.

On the occasion, the PTI MPA was accompanied by Syed Tariq Shah, head of the All Private Schools Management Association Sindh, Rabia Azfar Nizami, Member Sindh Assembly, PTI leader Sameer Mir Sheikh and other leaders.

Zaman said 39 per cent of the teachers had completed the Covid vaccination as per the data issued by the Secretary School Education and Literacy Department.

He said Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah can arrange private parties and holds every day meetings anywhere in the city, but cannot open schools in the province. It is unacceptable for the private sector of education, he added.

The PTI leader demanded that during an academic year it was mandatory for educational institutions to be opened for 180 days, but schools and colleges were opened for 62 days only.

The Sindh government wanted to deprive the people of the province of education, and as many as 70 per cent of children attended government schools, but there was no online system in government schools in Sindh, he remarked.

At present, 4.5 million children have been deprived of education. Textbooks for secondary classes have not been printed.

The recruitment process of 37,000 teachers has been halted. The Sindh government has allocated 277 billion to education, and its major part that makes around 70 per cent is being spent on paying salaries.

“Anil Kapoor always makes wrong decisions in the hatred of the federal government. We are worried about the future of the children. Bilawal Zardari does not care about the education of the children of Sindh.’

Zaman added that the PTI would protest on every form on the issue of education. “What data does the Sindh government have that they dream of? We will not allow them to do injustice to any citizen or child of Karachi.’

He said that the Sindh government rejected a uniform curriculum, while the outdated curriculum had been running since 2007.

The Sindh government wanted to break the backbone of education after the economy, and there was no other way but to revolt against the government, he said. “We cannot remain silent on the destruction of Sindh.’

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