Sindh govt to introduce climate change awareness in universities



The Sindh Government has decided to introduce a new subject related to climate change awareness in all public and private universities. Sindh Minister of Universities & Environment Muhammad Ismail Rahoo has directed the Secretary of Universities and all VCs to start work on a new subject of climate change and said that all Universities should introduce a subject related to climate change awareness.

Minister of Universities and Environment Ismail Rahoo added in his statement that due to the effects of climate change, Sindh is suffering from high temperature and drought. There is a need and by teaching subjects related to climate change in Universities, along with helping to improve the quality of human health, students will also have more employment opportunities.

He said that the teaching of the subject related to climate change will help to solve the problems of marine pollution, industrial waste management and waste discharge of hospitals. Pakistan is one of the most affected countries in the world. If awareness about climate change is not given, the next generation will face more problems.

Muhammad Ismail Rahoo said that Sindh is being affected by climate change the most, the international community has also declared climate change as the biggest threat to the earth and its inhabitants, climate change and the resulting environmental problems. Disasters remain a constant threat to Pakistan, climate change is a direct threat to food production in Pakistan.