Sindh Govt increases wheat quota of flour mills


Sets Rs95 per kg price in open market

Wheat quota of flour mills in Sindh has been increased and flour will be available at Rs 95 per kg across the province on general shops / open market, besides atta at subsidies rates Rs. 65 will also continued at 1100 sale points of Sindh government across the province. Rs. 1 million compansation to the legal heirs of person died in the tragic incident in Mirpur Khas, during the purchase of flour also announced.

These announcement was made by Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, Food Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla along with All Pakistan Flour Mills Association (APFMA) representatives in a press conference in Sindh Assembly on Tuesday.

Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon said that there is a flour crisis in the whole of Pakistan, the prices of flour have gone up, but Sindh is the only province in the country where the government is providing flour at Rs. 65 per kg across the province on designated points .He said that 460 trucks have been allocated daily for supply of subsidies flour for Karachi, while 600000 bags of 10 kg are being supplied daily across the province at discounted rates. On which the government is giving subsidy of billions of rupees.

He said that only public government can take such decisions for the people. The provincial minister said that the leadership of the Pakistan People’s Party has strictly instructed the Food Minister Sindh Mukesh Kumar Chawla to bring the prices of flour under control in the open market .In this regard, the quota of flour mills has been increased, Inshallah the price of flour in the open market will come down to Rs.95 per kg from Rs. 150 in a couple of days.

He said that the Sindh government has abundant storage of wheat. He added that the Chief Minister Sindh has issued orders to commissioners and deputy commissioners to take strict action against hoarders. He said that the wheat of hoarders will be seized and taken into the custody of the government.

The provincial minister said that there is no restriction on the interprovincial transportation of wheat under the law and any commodity or fruits and vegetables could be transport across the country.