Similarities between historical tragedies


Ghulam Haider Sheikh

THE survival of mankind is absolutely implicated in the system of Justice and Fair Trial in the society. If the elements of Prejudice and Favouritism are dominant in the society, then that society can not be declared civilized and transparent. That society will become the valley of Cruelty, Terrorism and Bestiality. The weakness of Judicial System becomes the cause of hypocrisy in the society. It is because of this Almighty God has ordered for Justice and Kindness in the delivery of Justice results in the enhancement of distrust of people on the judiciary and encouragement of the criminals.
Thousands of such incidents have occurred in the world, some of these occurred in the civilized societies of those eras but history has witnessed that they were imprisoned in the siege of prejudice of their denial and civilizations. They destroyed the justice and presented criminals as their heroes. As an example I shall quote the historical tragedy of Jalian Wala garden Amritsar which occurred on 13 April 1919 when a General of Occupied British forces [General Dyre] ordered to open direct firing on the people who have gathered there for a peaceful protest. His order was practised and hundreds of people lost their life in a few minutes. The firing continued for 10 minutes on order of General Dyre.
Mostly the people came in the range of firing when they were leaving garden. Most of them were the participants of “Baisakhi Festival” and had come from nearby rustic area. They also became the victim of that firing, though they did not know that the Marshall Law had been implemented in the city. After the incident the British House of Commons kept the killer General Dyre away from the scene till July 1920 and then he was retired. The supporters of the British Kingdom in the House of Commons had been declaring General Dyre as a hero of the nation. Similarly in Pakistan the tragic incidents of Baldiya Town Karachi, tragedy of 12th May 2007, tragedy of Army Public School Peshawar, tragedy of Bahawalpur and the tragedy of Model Town 2014 have close resemblances with the tragedy of Jalian Wala garden.
On 17 June 2014 a tragic incident occurred in Model Town Lahore when the security men apparently arrived on the scene to remove the hurdles from the road and unknown powerful personality ordered to open fire, the order was practised, the bullets were directed towards the Oldmen, young women.14 people were martyred and hundreds injured on the spot. The students of Minhaj International College of Shariah also came under the range of firing. Thirteen people lost their lives in Islamabad on the roads. Totally 27 innocent people were martyred. Two other ladies were also martyred when they tried to stop the security men from entering the residential areas.
Later on during the daily basis hearing in the Anti Terrorist Court on the tragedy of Model Town, a defence lawyer slapped one affected person Mohsin Rassool in the court room. This incident occurred during questioning on SP Tariq Aziz. There was no reaction from the Court which shows that it was the plan of “invisible forces”. The plan makers neither left any sign of blood on their clothes nor any spot on the dagger. Even they did firing on “Gosha Darood”, the place specific for offering Darood where hundreds of people recite Darood 24 hours a day.
Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has recently questioned in his video message that the 6 years have passed, the persons considered to be the criminals are not in power now, who is the obstacle in the way of justice for weaker, disables and poor. After 5 years of continuous struggle a JIT was established. About 100 witnesses of the effected persons were recorded. More than 150 witnesses of accused were also recorded.
The JIT report submitted to the court was suspended and still it is suspended. 73 years have passed after liberation of the country, most of the national tragedies like the killing of Khan Liaqai Ali Khan, suspicious death of the mother of nation Fatima Jinnah, killing of Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto and her brother Mir Murtaza Bhutto, Dhaka fall have been kept in the lock and key by these invisible forces. These forces are the real hindrance in the way of justice but no one should forget this reality that the Company never sustain for long.
—The writer is a senior columnist, based in Kuwait.