Silence of world on Kashmir issue giving India licence to commit brutalities: Musarrat


Spokesperson to CM and Punjab government in her statement on the International Human Rights Day said that we earnestly demand from the United Nations to take a strong notice of oppression being committed on the innocent people of Kashmir.

The UN resolutions and the right to self determination of the Kashmiri people should be implemented in letter and spirit .We cannot forget the people of Kashmir on the International Day of Human Rights. For the past seven decades lacs of Indian Army personnel have unlawfully occupied Kashmir and have turned Kashmir into one of the biggest prisons of the world.

The Kashmiri people are waging their struggle of freedom steadfastly even to date and the silence of international community on the Kashmir issue is granting unwarranted license to the Indian government to commit barbarity and oppression on the innocent Kashmiri people. Musarat Cheema stated that a political mafia in Pakistan which is the 33rd biggest country of the world has also usurped basic human rights.

The fascist government has set records of violation and infringement of human rights. Today is the right day for such a segment of society being deprived of their freedom to speak and write in order to vociferously raise their voices for imposing restrictions on the media along with committing cruelties on the political workers .Pakistani media has come down at 157th number out of the list of 180 countries across the globe while our judiciary has reached 130th number out of the list of 139 countries.

The judiciary stands at number 3rd position among the corrupt institutions of Pakistan according to the Transparency International report. Those doing investigative journalism are sprayed with bullets in Pakistan and Arshad Sharif murder case is the worst glaring example of the violation of basic human rights.

The number of cases against Azam Swati is increasing every passing day which manifests state oppression and cruelty.

More than 8 dozen cases have been registered against the Member of the Upper House in the backdrop of speaking truth.