EPD issues advisory for reduction of smog


Environment Protection Department (EPD) of Punjab has issued advisory for further reduction of smog in other areas including Lahore. Secretary EPD Usman Ali Khan has said that transport plays the biggest role in the spread of smog.

“It is better that citizens do not use transport unnecessarily on weekends. Even on normal days, the use of vehicles should be kept to a minimum”, advised the Secretary.

He said that with a little care it is possible to provide a clean environment for all. “We all have to think together to secure our future and generations to come”, he said.

Secretary EPD said that the orders issued by the Lahore High Court to control smog are being followed in letter and spirit.

“Administrative decisions became easier due to court orders”, observed Mr. Khan.

He further said that all possible steps are being taken to make the department more active under the supervision of Provincial Minister for Environment Muhammad Basharat Raja.

He appealed that the Air Quality Index prepared by the Environment Protection Department should be used in the media.”

AQI parameters given on other websites are different and non-reliable”, he noted. Usman Ali Khan said that rains could remove risk of smog.

“The campaign against air pollution cannot be effective without the cooperation of citizens”, he said.