Sheikh Rashid reacts to rumours about presidential system in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD – Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Saturday rejected speculations that country’s parliamentary democratic system is going to be replaced with a presidential system.

His statement comes as the debate about presidential form of government in Pakistan created a stir on social media during last few days. The topic has been trending for around three days on Twitter.

Talking to media, the interior minister said that no such move has been discussed in the cabinet.

On Friday, the opposition lawmakers raised alarm over the ongoing chatter and calls for replacing the country’s ruling system. They also called for a debate on the matter.

Opposition claimed that a “systematic and planned campaign” is being run to replace democratic system in the country.

Speaking in the National Assembly, PML-N lawmaker Ahsan Iqbal termed the rumours about presidential form of system as a matter of serious concern.

Despite the passage of 75 years since the creation of the country, there is lack of consensus on the parliamentary democracy, he lamented.

He vowed that such moves will not be allowed at any cost.

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