Sharjeel pays glowing tribute to APS martyrs


Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, on Friday, paid glowing tribute to martyrs of Army Public School and said the students and teachers who embraced martyrdom in the tragic incident are our national heroes.

The minister in a message on anniversary of the heart wrenching incident of APS Peshawar, said that December 16 reminds us of the most painful tragedy of our lives when innocent children were targeted by terrorism with extreme cruelty. He also paid tribute to the courage of the parents and expressed solidarity with them.

“The entire nation still feels the pain and agony of the Army Public School tragedy where the ruthless enemy committed brutality and barbarism against little angels,” he noted and recalled that the heinous incident united the entire nation in the fight against terrorism with firm determination.

Pakistani nation has made numerous sacrifices in the war against terrorism and the world should recognize the sacrifices and efforts of Pakistan in the war against terrorism, he urged adding that Pakistani nation particularly our armed forces had been at the forefront to make the world safe from terrorism.

The nation is united against anti-Pakistan elements who are trying to spread hatred, chaos and prejudice, Sharjeel Memon said and stressed on need of its implementation, even today, on National Action Plan in letter and spirit.

The Pakistan People’s Party had always taken a clear stand against terrorism, raised its voice against terrorism at every forum and played an active role in its eradication, he said.