Blood of APS martyrs will not go in vain: Zaidi


PTI Sindh president and former federal minister Ali Zaidi said that December 16 reminds us of the dark day in the country’s history. May the memory of those who lost their lives in the APS tragedy be always fresh.

The sacrifice of innocent students and teachers has awakened the nation and united it against terrorism. The blood of APS martyrs will not go in vain.In a statement he said that extremism and terrorism can be permanently defeated only through education.

The sacrifices of the martyrs in the war against terrorism can never be forgotten. There is a need for solid implementation of the National Action Plan for the complete elimination of terrorism from the country.

He said that we have to be determined that our children can fulfill their dreams without fear. He added that we have to be united and determined to take Pakistan forward. The real goal of Pakistan is peace and prosperity. We pay homage to our innocent martyrs, martyrs of the forces, police and other security agencies.