Shariat Court orders formation of safety unit for transgender children


The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) on Thursday directed the Ministry of Human Rights to constitute a child protection unit for transgender children to ensure the provision of due rights to them. A two-member bench of the FSC, comprising Chief Justice Dr Syed Muhammad Anwer and Justice Khadim Hussain Shaikh issued the directive while hearing a set of petitions challenging the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018.

During the hearing ton Thursday, the FSC chief justice remarked that the human rights ministry appeared not sincere in the provision of rights to transgender children.

He asked the counsel of the ministry to come prepared while attending the case hearings. The judge directed the human rights ministry secretary to come in the next hearing with a complete report in connection to the case.

“Where will these children go when the government is not fulfilling its responsibility?” he asked. The court also formed a special committee to devise the standard operating procedures of the special unit.

“The committee will finalise the SOPs and submit a report to the court in the next 24 days.” It is not clear at this point who the members of the committee are.