Shari Baloch, husband celebrated wedding anniversary before blast


More revelations have been made in the investigation into elements involved in Karachi University (KU) blast as the videos and pictures showed suicide bomber Shari Baloch and Habitan Bashir Baloch celebrating their wedding anniversary before the horrific attack.

Electronic media acquired exclusive videos and photos of the suicide bomber Shari Baloch who blew herself up near the gate of Karachi University’s Confucius Institute on April 26, Tuesday.A video showed that Shari Baloch and husband Habitan Bashir Baloch celebrated their wedding anniversary in which they were seen happily singing and laughing. It emerged that the suicide bomber was also spotted on the bombing site a day before the explosion.

A video showed the passenger van entering the Confucius Institute at 2:08 pm and Shari Baloch was exactly present at the same spot and looked in the vehicle, however, she did not detonate the explosive as the institute’s director was not present there.

On April 26, she departed from Dehli Colony’s flat and entered Karachi University from the Silver Jubilee gate in a rickshaw. The camera spotted a suspicious white-coloured vehicle moving before the rickshaw.

She then came out of the rickshaw and met the ‘last-minute handler lady’ and also handed over a mobile phone to her. Investigators thought that the mobile phone was specifically given to Shari for getting the information regarding the suicide attack.

Later, the woman handler had moved to the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) while talking on the same phone and she said to be fled from the varsity premises on the bus.

Investigators said that the industrial explosive material also containing phosphorus handed over to Shari Baloch was packed in a bag which was handed over to her somewhere outside the university.The investigators had also found several books from Baloch’s home in Delhi Colony including a Hindu Sanskriti book.The female suicide bomber was residing in a flat in Gulistan-e-Johar till March and she was spotted talking to her husband for hours there. Her daughter had also been admitted to a nearby school, however, the tuition fee was not paid for six months.

On April 16, the attack which killed at least four people including three Chinese teachers who were working for the Confucius Institute at University of Karachi, was carried out by a female suicide bomber of a banned terror organisation.