Shahrukh Khan -the only Pakistani cadet to graduate U.S. Air Force Academy

Shahrukh Khan

Cadet Shahrukh is the first Pakistani to graduate from the United States Air Force Academy in 2021. On social media, a photo of Shahrukh holding the Pakistani flag aloft at his graduation ceremony has gone viral.

People on the internet are praising the cadet for his great performance. Shahrukh Khan, a 19-year-old cadet, was admitted into the United States Air Force Academy in 2017. He was a four-year participant in the program, which included rigorous academic and military training.

“I’m excited to go, to learn about the world and people and their different backgrounds,” said Shahrukh, who plans to study engineering at the academy. “From a military standpoint, it will be a chance for me to excel. I learned a lot in Pakistan. The U.S. Air Force Academy will teach me new and different things. ”

He was one of 12 Pakistan Air Force cadets chosen to participate in the Service Academy Foreign Student Program.

At the US Embassy in Islamabad, Shahrukh Khan and other applicants had completed the Candidate Fitness Assessment and interview aspects of their application.

Brigadier General Kenneth Ekman of the United States Embassy in Islamabad congratulated Cadet Shahrukh Khan and provided him literature about America as well as military training suggestions.

“I can attest to how much of an impact the service academy had on my military career and my life and fondly remember graduating with some exceptional partner-nation classmates, many of whom went on to become leaders in their services and defense establishments,” said Ekman, who graduated from the USAF Academy in 1991. “Shahrukh will have a perspective no one else in the class will have. He’ll help the class see things differently and understand Pakistan and the Pakistani Air Force.”

Abdullah Yunus, a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) officer, was awarded a sword of valor in Australia last year. Yunus was presented with the sword of honor at the 34th class graduation procession at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra on Sunday, December 6th.

RMC Australia has previously named Pakistan Army cadet Muhammad Haris Mairaj the overall best foreign national military cadet. On December 2nd, a passing out parade was staged at Australian Military College Duntroon, Australia, to honor Pakistani cadets. On Wednesday, the ISPR sent out a tweet informing residents of the development.

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