Shahroz Khan sets trend for wannabe musicians


Islamabad: Pakistani singer Shahroz Khan expresses solidarity with the people of Kashmir through his song at an event held in the President’s House.

The singer paid a beautiful tribute to the people of Kashmir with his song ‘Meray Watan Teri Jannat Mein Ayein Ge Ek Din’.

The song was reconstructed by Ali Mustafa. It aimed at giving hope and showing support and solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

The song sent a message to the people of Kashmir that no matter what happens we stand by their side, and that we have not become oblivious of the oppression they are facing.

‘A trend-setter’

Shahroz Khan has been a trend-setter for wannabe-musicians. At an age, when a majority of singers have given a relatively western touch to their music and portray modern themes of love and fame, Shahroz continues to win hearts with his humble and patriotic songs. 

Shahroz started his journey with a patriotic song called ‘Pakistan – Tribute to Pakistan Air Force’. The song was released on the official youtube channel of the Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan Air Force also shared the anthem on their Official Twitter page.