SEPCO’s conduct in Shikarpur


General public in Shikarpur has been fed up of plight conditions of electricity supply fiascos, excessive billings, altogether un-necessary detection by SEPCO authorities has added salt to the injuries of general public and has substantially contributed in making their lives bad to worse. Moreover, upon complaining to SEPCO authorities after being detection of any maltreatment or unlawful activity, in return they have acquired unique set of skills of turning deaf to the consumer’s complaints/grievances at large.
Secondly, under the umbrella of “Recovery” many are being victimized and kept deprived of power supply, their transformers are kept non operational for unknown time period. Prima facie, despite being regular bill payers of their respective areas they are being treated same as SEPCO authorities does with “Defaulters”, unfortunately all are being dealt with same stick. Blame game continued from either side and unjustified operations are being carried out by SEPCO authorities with undeclared objectives.
Keeping the above in view, I would like to draw the attention of SEPCO’s top management to take punitive and decisive action against the black sheep inside, who leaves no stone unturned in defaming their organization through their malpractices. SEPCO must keep its policies consumer centric and friendly in order to build strong and profitable relationship. Confidence building measures should be taken to minimize the gap between the company and consumers. Everything can be achieved through non aggressive means, least we should learn to achieve.
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