Sense of deprivation among poor increasing: Siraj


Staff Reporter

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Senator Sirajul Haq has said the sense of deprivation is increasing among the people of the under-developed areas and small provinces due to unjust distribution of resources.
In a statement issued from JI headquarters, Mansoora, on Friday, he said that poverty, unemployment and unavailability of health and education facilities in parts of the country were the main reasons behind the growing anger and frustration of public against federation and ruling class.
The JI chief who recently visited the northern areas and Balochistan and attended a special committee of Senate meeting held to examine grievances among section of the society warned the rulers against the severity of the situation, saying atomic weapons and military might could not keep a federation intact but which needed was a just distribution of resources and transfer of power at gross root level.
The rulers, he added, were required to change their attitude and address the concern of the deprived and poor class of the society. Citing example of the former USSR, he said ruling elite must keep in mind that the soviet empire broke into pieces due to the said factors.

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