Senator condemns negative drive against state institutions


Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri on Wednesday strongly condemned the negative campaign against the national institutions on social media and said that it was a trick of enemies to fabricate stories to achieve their nefarious designs. In a statement, she was of the view that the purpose of the campaign was to spoil the image of the national institutions which had been completely rejected by the people and the adventure would not be accepted under any circumstances.

Discussions were being made and fabricated stories were being told through fake accounts, she noted. She said the attempt to defame national institutions was a highly condemnable and shameful act. She said that the language used on social media and slander was being done by the enemies and they were using some vested interests to carry out such an adventure which the nation had totally rejected. For this, the nation would respond to the enemies, she said, adding that the security forces were protecting the country’s borders fearlessly by sacrificing their lives.

She pointed out security forces had given numerous sacrifices in war against terrorism. Attempting to discredit the state institutions to achieve political goals was against the national interest and condemnable in every way, she mentioned. “A certain group is spreading vile and fabricated things on various platforms, especially social media, which is likely to cause serious damage to the country’s interests,” she underlined.

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