Senate body passed bill for the merger of AIC with IAP

Ijaz Kakakhel

The Senate Standing Committee on National Heritage and Culture on Tuesday passed the Iqbal Academy Pakistan Bill, 2022 by majority vote. The Committee met under the chairmanship of Dr Afnan Ullah Khan here at Parliament House and vetted upon the Bill. The Iqbal Academy Pakistan Bill, 2022 as passed by the National Assembly and moved in the Senate sitting held on 18th August, 2022. Engr. Amir Muqaam, Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Heritage stated that through the bill the talented energies will be combined and an improved effort to keep the works of the legend alive and for the preservation of the assets of our county will be better executed.

The Committee examined the bill clause by clause and proposed amendments however the committee believed that no substantial change could be observed in the recommendations to the objective of the bill for merger of Aiwan-e-Iqbal (AIC) with Iqbal Academy Pakistan (IAP) therefore the committee passed the bill by majority vote. The officials presented that Iqbal academy of Pakistan (IAO) was founded in 1951 by the Iqbal Academy Act and re-enacted through the Iqbal Academy ordinance No XXVI 1962. It is a statutory body of the Government of Pakistan and a center of excellence for Iqbal studies.

The authorities for Aiwan –e-Iqbal was created by a resolution of the defunct Ministry of Culture in 1984 with the sole propose and objective of carrying out the master plan of complex construction of the Aiwan which was completed in 1997. The Aiwan is being managed in adhoc basis through a management committee, as it does not have regular and sustainable administrative structure.

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