Seminar on International Women’s Day held


Our Correspondent


Kashmir institute of international relations hosted a seminar in Islamabad, where, MNs and senators including Kashmir committee member Naureen Ibrahim attended this session. Addressing to the people the chairperson KIIR Altaf hussian Wani said that Kashmiri women stand resilient today in their victimhood.
Tribute to women who are facing violence, crackdown, fake encounters, disappearances, brutal torture and shoot to kill incidents but still struggling to have their rights. Women are principal stakeholders in Kashmir issue and it is time that everyone has to recognize that. This is time when women around the world are putting their demands for full education, health care, security etc.
Theme of international women day is ‘make it happen’ and indeed the brave women of Kashmir will not be intimidated by occupied troops another prominent hurriyat leader Abdul Hameed loan Said that root cause of women rights violation in Kashmir is Indian illegal occupation.
This occupation is multidimensional i.e. military, political, cultural aggression and no access to human rights.