Self determination; a right of all’


Article 1 of the UN charter had given the right of self-determination to all humans and India had to understand that it had no right to deny or repudiate the UN resolutions, said Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General of World Kashmir Awareness Forum.

He was addressing a webinar titled ‘An Appraisal: Kashmir’s struggle for self-determination’, organised by Institute of Regional Studies (IRS). He enunciated that Kashmiris only did not demand their right to self-determination, due to the UN Charter, but also because of the eighteen substantive resolutions of the Security Council. Syed Ali Geelani Shaheed, he added, was the voice of Kashmiris and a courageous man, who was audacious enough to tell the Indian authorities that he wanted to perform the funeral of Indian democracy.

Dr. Farhan Mujahid, Assistant Professor International Relations at Qatar University in his remarks appreciated Syed Ali Geelani and stated that he resisted the militarization of Kashmir.

He said that millions of fake domiciles were being provided to Indians in order to manipulate Kashmiri elections.

He highlighted the current situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir and said that the Indian army was conducting fake encounters. Referring to the Indian democracy as a joke, Dr Mujhaid said that the internal situation of Pakistan was disappointing for Kashmiri people. He was of the view that coordination among different groups was imperative on an international level.

Dr. Altaf Wani, Chairman Kashmir Institute of International Relations mentioned that Kashmir had been a global issue and for 75 years, Kashmiri people had been struggling on different fronts. India had repressed the political and social conditions of the youth which resulted in violent uprising of Kashmiris. Kashmiri students had not been allowed to organise or express anything related to their freedom, in a peaceful manner, he added.

Dr Mujahid Gillani, a Critical Care Physician and Grandson of Syed Ali Geelani, highlighted the current plight of the Kashmiris and stated that at present both Kashmiri men and women were equally participating in the freedom movement.

However, despite the resilience of the Kashmiris’ and an active struggle, blatant abuse of power by the Indian government especially by abrogating the Article 370 was condemnable.


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