Seizure of narcotics by PMSA, ANF


Staff Reporter


In a Joint intelligence based Counter Narcotics Operation by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) and Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) (Sindh), smuggling of narcotics was averted in Creeks Area. During the operation 25 Kgs Henon 1 and 01 Kg of Hashish was recovered.
The value of seized narcotics in International market is estimated to be Rs. 400 Million (PKR) The seized narcotics is handed over to Anti-Narcotics Force for further investigation and legal proceedings.
Successful operation by Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and Anti- Narcotics Force resulting in seizure of narcotics is a testament to the fact 2. That we are vigilant and remains committed in preventing use of Pakistani waters for any unlawful act/ purposes.
Pakistan Maritime Security Agency will continue to shoulder its national obligations and responsibility to establish lawful order at sea and Maritime Zones of Pakistan.