Seeing detrimental state of Larkana is heart wrenching PPP looted, pillaged Sindh and rewarded with AIDS in return: Rashid


Our Correspondent


The Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed making a stopover at Larkana lamented the detrimental position the city on Thursday. The Minister said that his heart was crying tears of blood seeing the condition of Larkana which is known to be the hub of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the rulers of Sindh for over 30 years.
Shiekh commentating on the state of affairs in the city said: ‘People are living like animals in the city.’ ‘The leaders of Sindh have unfortunately turned out to be looters and burglars, they have looted and pillaged the province and given the province Aids in return,’ he added. He also said that the city and its situation reminded him of hell and armageddon. The Minister announced that eight hundred people in the Railways department of Sindh would be given permanent jobs via a lucky draw.
In conclusion, Rasheed said that the people in Sindh should be blaming the Sindh government for their failures before pointing fingers at the Federal Government.
In a step to provide comfortable, safe and speedy means of transportation to the masses, Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Saturday announced that Pakistan Railways (PR) would launch five new trains soon, earlier on July 20.
Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Sheikh Rasheed said that the ticketing system will be further improved. On the occasion, he said, ‘The revenue of the Pakistan Railways’ freight trains has exceeded the set target.’ The minister hoped that 7mn railways’ passengers will be increased by the next month.

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