Schoolmates united thru WhatsApp after 31 years

Staff Reporter

Reconnecting with schoolmates in an apps-driven life has turned much easier in the age of smartphones were popular tools like WhatsApp messenger have become the fastest as well as cheapest platform to communicate and relive childhood memories. WhatsApp groups have become a big hit among youth and old-age groups alike.

Almost every WhatsApp user has multiple groups on their phone to keep in touch with family, friends and office colleagues and others using it for business purposes, news, views.

And such happened on Saturday as an exciting moment when matric class-fellows reunited after 31 years at the hujra of Ihsanullah at Mohammad Shah Kalli, near Shergarh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The fellows had read together for almost six years at the Government High School Badragga which is located at Malakand division.

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