Flag march by army, civil law enforcement agencies held in AJK

Our Correspondent

Law Enforcement Agencies staged a flag march in lake city of Mirpur, Azad Jammu Kashmir as an exercise to maintain complete peace and order during the polling to Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly elections scheduled for July 25 (today), official sources said.

Mirpur Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Ch. Haq Nawaz, Addl. Superintendent of Police Raja Azher Iqbal, Assistant Commissioner Muneer Qureshi, military officials and other district administration Officers led the flag march comprising the police and, army and para military troops including Rangers and police personnel aboard a long convoy of the state vehicles.

The flag march contingent passed through various major city streets in LA- 3 (Mirpur city) constituency and culminated at the central shaheed chowk.

The objective of the flag march was aimed at to let the masses especially the miscreants and trouble maker elements that the law enforcement agencies were fully alert and vigilant to frustrate any attempt of unrest and disturbance on any part during the polling.

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election Commissioner has so far allotted the electoral symbols to a total of 32 registered political parties of AJK to contest in general election scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday).

Talking to media, an official of Mirpur District Election Arshad Hussain Khawaja on Saturday said that prominent major political parties among them included Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf AJK (PTI) (Cricket Bat – BALLA), Pakistan Muslim League (N) AJK chapter (Tiger), Jammu Kashmir Liberation League (Lantern), AJK chapter of Jamaat’e – Islami (Scale), Pakistan Peoples Party AJK Branch (Arrow), All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference (Horse) Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Party (Sword), Jammu & Tehreek e Labaik Pakistan =AJK (Crane) and others.

He told polling will be started on direct adult-franchise basis from 8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m without any pause simultaneously in all above 45 electoral constituencies in AJK districts as well as in various parts of Pakistan where the refugees from Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir live in.

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