SCBCA asks SHC for two-weeks to implement orders against illegal construction




Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) Director General Ashkar Dawar on Saturday asked the Sindh High Court (SHC) for another two weeks to implement the court’s orders against illegal construction in Sindh.On Saturday, Dawar appeared before the court, where Justice Nadeem Akhtar heard the case against SBCA.

Dawar was asked why he had failed to implement the court’s orders on illegal constructions.Justice Nadeem lambasted the SBCA chief, stating that the department had completely failed to implement its orders and stated that all illegal activities were being done with his connivance. The court had issued orders in January and the FIR against your department is being filed in December, which means that SBCA did not implement the court orders, said Justice Nadeem. In response, the SBCA chief said that he had been informed late about the court orders.

After court’s threat to put the accused behind the bars, Dawar urged the court to grant him 15 days to take action and implement the orders.