CTD arrest honey-trapping gang from Korangi, led by women



CTD investigation team arrested woman from Korangi leading a gang involved in honey trap.An investigation team of the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) arrested the ringleader of Shanno Gang in a raid in Korangi 2 1/2 duping citizens on telephone and abduct them to take money, In-charge CTD Chaudhry Safdar said.

“Three fake CTD officials, namely Sajjad, Arbaz and Salman, have also been arrested with accused Shanno,” CTD official said. “The woman used to befriend citizens on phone to trap them and invite her victim to a specific place under a plan, when three fake officials raid the spot, keeping their victim detained, blackmailing them and allow them to leave after getting heavy amounts from them,” CTD official highlighting the modus operandi of the gang said.

“The gang blackmailed a citizen and made him to cough up Rs. two lac initially,” CTD official said. “The accused were arrested when they returned to receive remaining seven lac from their victim,” he said.

Chaudhry Safdar appealed to general public to point out the blackmailers involved in such practice.“The accused have been handed over to police for legal proceedings,” CTD official added.

In November a resident of Safoora in Karachi was duped in female voice call to reach Kashmore and get abducted, family members told police in an application. Junaid Qamar, a security guard, was called to Kashmore on September 24 and abducted for ransom, the mother of the abductee told police in her plea. Abductors demanded 10 million rupees ransom money in a phone call for his release.