Save flood victims



GIVEN the scale of flood disaster and the damaged wreaked by it, the response on the part of international community has been inadequate.

With twenty million people still dependent on humanitarian aid, the United Nations has only received thirty percent of the $ 816 million under the floods response plan – something which shows apathy and lack of concern of the world towards the suffering people, otherwise, this aid would have been received in a matter of a few weeks.

Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman, in a statement, on Monday highlighted the plight of flood victims who she said are facing severe food insecurity with about 5. 5 million people no longer have access to safe and clean drinking water.

As the winter season is getting harsh with each passing day, the flood victims not only need food but also winter packs such as blankets, quilts etc.

Non-provision means the flood victims will face death and hunger. We really appreciate the efforts put in by the UN agencies and its Secretary General to raise the plight of these flood victims.

It is now up to the international community to respond to these calls generously to save the precious lives.

The floods have displaced and plunged into poverty millions of families. The scale of damage is so big that our federal and provincial governments cannot handle the situation on their own.

Apart from providing funds for the UN humanitarian aid appeal, the major countries should pledge sufficient funds in the donor conference to be held in Geneva next month for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the flood victims.

Pledges must also translate into action so that the critical phase of reconstruction does not face any delay.

The aid must flow not in the form of loans but grants only as this crisis is not Pakistan’s own making but it is bearing the brunt of irresponsible development of other countries.

It is also for our foreign office and government to continue to remind the world of its obligations towards the flood victims.