Sevak the confessions | By Saleem Bukhari


Sevak the confessions

In general, we can easily say that the Pakistani society is going towards a higher level of crimes and here not only freedom of expression is impossible but also the life of the common man is difficult, but despite all these, if we compare the Pakistani society with the Indian so-ciety, surely Pakistan will look like heaven to us.

All these scenarios are beautifully covered in the Pakistani web series “Sevak the Confessions”.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the Pakistan showbiz industry here, which has made an exemplary development in the last few years and our films and dramas have become popular everywhere.

We cannot say that our industry has touched Hollywood standards, but our directors and writers have started tackling high untouchable themes on very low budgets and use modern technology for which, of course, they are admirable.

The world’s most democratic claimants have not only been banned “Sevak the Confessions” across India, but all the websites, where the series has been shown, have also been perma-nently blocked.

On Indian TV channels, very rude things were said against this series and es-pecially against Pakistan, Pakistan was called a beggar country, Muslims were cursed and it was said that hatred against India is being deliberately spread in Pakistan.

Famous Indian YouTubers took this series very seriously and used very dirty and third class language against Pakistan.

As the episodes of this series progress, more and more vivid depictions of Hindutva are revealed in it, so the fire is spreading across India more and more.

Though this series is completely banned in India, yet Indians are watching it specially by using VPN due to their curiosity.

For the same reason, the film director had said that the ban will further spread the series in India, which is proving to be true.

“Sevak The Confessions” is airing one episode every week and each new episode is more explosive than the earlier episodes.

This thrilling, scary and suspenseful web series from Vidly. tv uncovers some of the darkest political secrets of India’s past that have deeply affected the Muslim and Sikh community in India.

The series is a bold step by writer Saji Gill and director Anjum Shahzad as it chronicles the atrocities committed by extremist groups in India from 1984 to 2022.

The series revolves around an ambitious journalist (played by Hajra Yameen). When she sees the killings by Hindu groups, she becomes restless and can’t rest until she gets to the bottom of the matter, because she thinks that exposing this cruelty is good for the people.

The death of Sangarjit Singh in particular arouses intense curiosity in her and she begins a quest to unravel the secret story.

Due to this, her life is turned upside down and the circle around her is narrowed. In the meantime, she includes Mannu, a victim of oppression by Hindu organizations, in her story, but she falls in the eyes of Hindu goons, so Mannu and she run away together and hide in Vidya’s house due to the threat to their lives from the Hindus, but they need security.

After that, her brother takes help from the police department for protection, but under the influence of Hindutva, these policemen also turn out to be his enemies.

The next twist in the plot of the series comes when the policemen guarding their house try to kill them.

After that both of them manage to hide themselves but they are not able to hide. Now what this story will present in the next episode will be known only after watching it.

I have narrated the short story here so that the readers can know the theme of the series. In between the story, we keep experiencing historical flashbacks.

We also see Jeet Singh’s troubled childhood in the series and see how he grows up watching his mother suffer and anti-Sikh riots happening all around him.

The throwbacks of the series shows that how the Sikh community in India started the Khalistan Movement and everyone’s mind was also opened to the story that how the Babri Masjid issue was ignited, leading to violent Muslim-Hindu clashes across the country.

In a scene from the series, Vidya can be seen digging through a rusted file of her father’s which records the tragic deaths of Muslims in India over the years and shows the entire scenario and evidence that Under Hindu terrorist organiza-tions, Muslims were oppressed to a very high degree, women were humiliated and youths were massacred.

My aim here is not to promote this series, nor do I have any acquaintance with the makers of this film, but still I must say here that “Save the Confessions” is a story that all entertainment fans need to watch.

This is really a shocking, true and heart-warming web series that makes us realize how many Indians are losing their life everyday due to political vendetta.

Not only is this series based on facts and it shows the true face of India, but also we should share in the success of this series because it has blown away the sleep of Indians.

I was certainly sad-dened by this taunt from an Indian YouTuber yesterday, in which he jokingly said that this series has also been rejected by Pakistanis because even our smallest YouTubers don’t get as few likes as this series has got.

Of course, there was weight in that because when I checked it out on YouTube, the series was actually got negligible likes and sharing.

We really haven’t accepted our dramas and movies as compared to India and we look down on our every movie.

Although if we look, our movies are now much better than the neighbouring country. Until we promote our products and value our ideas, no one will respect us.

India has made many movies against Pakistan and Indians do not miss any opportunity to ridicule us.

If we look at the media, no Indian journalist, writer, artiste, politician or common man will be found disrespecting his country.

It is only us who always succumb to Indian ideals. We now have to wash away the stains on our country, raise the honour of our country and value our products.

Then we will not be mocked like this and we will be able to be proud of being Pakistanis eve-rywhere.

Pakistan Zindabad.

—The writer is associated with the news reporting department in Islamabad for a long time and working for an international news agency.