Sarwar warns people against their unnecessary mobility


While announcing provision of masks, sanitizers and soap to prisoners and staff of all the jails as well as free ration to 100,000 poor families in Punjab, Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that war against corona cannot be won in streets but staying at homes.
Tough decisions will be taken if people do not restrict their unnecessary mobility. “For God sake, stay homes to avoid Italy and France like situation,” and the opposition should set aside its reservations and support the govt to fight corona.
He was addressing a press conference along with Gohar Ejaz from Lahore Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS), Akhuwat Foundation Chairman Dr. Amjad Saqib, Khawaja Shahzeb Akram from pharmaceutical sector, Qazi Azmat from PEEF, Sarwar Foundation’s Vice Chairperson Begum Perveen Sarwar and representatives of 12 welfare organizations at Governor House Lahore on Saturday.
Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said, “We have decided jointly with representatives of 12 welfare organizations of Punjab Development Network to take comprehensive measures to protect staff and prisoners of all jails in Punjab from corona.
For this purpose, we have compiled all the record regarding number of prisoners and their problems as well, and in the first phase, we have handed over first consignment of anti-corona wares to IG Punjab for Lahore jails to prevent their staff and prisoners from corona.
Insha Allah, masks, sanitizers, soap, gloves and anti-germ shampoo will be provided for 46,000 prisoners and jails staff to save them from this virus. As per vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, we have also decided to provide free ration to all those families who become jobless due to corona crisis, and in the first phase, provision of free ration to 100,000 poor families is being started for which an application (app) is also being developed. After that name of the person receiving ration will be enlisted on the application to avoid double supply of ration to anyone.
We will also try to incorporate other welfare organizations in the application so that no one can get ration from two organizations at a time. The state will fulfill its responsibility of protection and help of the helpless and needy people at all costs. Philanthropists must come forward to play their role in supporting the people affected by corona crisis. Prime Minister Imran Khan is formulating people-friendly policies.
Responding to a question, Punjab Governor said that unfortunately, people are not taking corona situation as serious but I make it clear that if people continue with such response then they will be confined to their houses through strict measures.
Gohar Ejaz from LIHS said that as per vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, we are standing with Punjab Governor for provision of free ration to the poor and saving the prisoners and jails staff from coronavirus.

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