Sarwar lauds Opp for cooperation


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that the way opposition is extending cooperation to the government in the parliament for public and country’s interest is indeed commendable, as it will strengthen democracy, parliament and the country.
Presently, Pakistan is facing with economic challenges and the menace of terrorism against which the political and religious parties are united and Pakistan Armed Force and other security forces are fighting effectively against terrorism, while entire nation is standing with its defense institutions.
He said that government and the opposition are on the same page in the interest of the country. Difference of opinion is the magnificence of democracy but political parties are united on the point to take Pakistan further consensually. Elimination of terrorism, corruption and resolving of economic and other problems is indispensable for the country and the nation, and there will be no compromise on it.
He was talking to overseas Pakistani Mian Tariq Javed, players and office-bearers of Punjab Judo Association and various delegations headed by Chaudhry Asim and others.
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that from the day first, we are saying that we do not have any personal grudge with the opposition and we are pursuing the agenda to get Pakistan rid of corruption, violence, injustice, price-hike, unemployment and other problems. Those, who martyred innocent people through terror attack in a Quetta mosque, can never be the Muslim, and our sympathies are very much with bereaved families of martyrs.
In a meeting with players and office-bearers of Punjab Judo Association, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar felicitated the players for winning 32 gold, 41 silver and 59 bronze medals in 13th South Asian Games.
He said that Pakistanis are earning laurels for Pakistan in every field including sports from across the world, and the entire nation is proud of its heroes. Government is working to empower and prosperous the youths and ‘Hunnermand Pakistan Programme’ will ensure industrial revolution in the country.