Army Act passed by govt and Opp in national interest: Shuja’at


Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shuja’at Hussain has said that the Army Act has not been passed by the parliament for the army rather it demonstrates the wishes of the government and the opposition to give importance to the national interests.
Responding to questions from the media here on Saturday, he said after passage of the Army Act it was generally being considered that the Parliament has passed this act for the army, in reality it was contrary to this, this indicated those wishes of the entire government and the opposition that they should keep the national interests in view in every proposal coming up for consideration and should not give importance to their personal interests or opposition for sake of opposition over it.
Ch Shuja’at Hussain said that after all it has to be decided that whether the country be let destroyed or saved.
In reply to a question, he said that this fact was deplorable that even in the parliament such people were present who are working as agents of the foreign elements.
He said that over the Army Act, national harmony has been created between both the government and the opposition and I hope that like this national harmony will be demonstrated in future as well also on every act in the national interest, irrespective whether it was presented by the opposition or by the government.