Sandal Khattak breaks her silence after being accused of leaking Hareem Shah’s lewd videos


KARACHI – In another twist in the case of the leaked videos controversy, social media sensation Sandal Khattak breaks her silence after Hareem Shah claimed that her friends shared her obscene clips on social sites to defame her.

Sandal’s response stemmed from serious allegations made by a controversial social media star who makes headlines as her obscene clips sparked frenzy online.

Sharing her side of the story, Sandal Khattak finally replied to the allegations, daring Hareem Shah to file a case against her. She raised questions about why Shah is not filing a case with the apex investigation agency.

She then questioned the rationale behind such a disgraceful move asking why would we do this with Hareem. The furious girl was then cautioned to get ready for a defamation suit if she fails to prove the allegations.

Sandal claimed that those obscene clips were filmed by Hareem’s boyfriend, adding that the latter is making false statements that her husband filmed her in compromising conditions. iCloud cannot be hacked, she maintained.

Taking a jibe at TikTok star, Ms. Khattak said such video leaks are a normal thing for Hareem. She even accused Hareem of leaking her own clips for fame and is blaming others to remain under the spotlight.

Delving into details about her split with the viral girl, Sandal said Hareem Shah borrowed money from her and later refused to return.

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