Azad Kashmir govt orders all students, teachers to wear Hijab


MIRPUR – Azad Jammu and Kashmir AJK government has ordered all female students and teachers to wear Hijab, the latest action by a government that sparked debate online.

In a notification, the Directorate of Elementary and Secondary Education has made Hijab, customary head-coverings worn by Muslim women, mandatory for students and teachers in co-education institutions.

The administration of all the schools and colleges offering co-education is directed to ensure the implementation of its orders regarding head covering. It also warned of stern action against the head of the institution in case of violation of the new decree.

The circular however has not mentioned the exact action over violation against female students and teachers who do not wear hijab, or against the administration.

It was reported that the education department’s officials maintained that it is observed that heads of the institutions are not following the dress code rules.

The Education Minister of the region Dewan Ali Khan Chughtai speaks with a local media about the new decree and flagged religious and moral values for the move. He justified the recent move with order of Allah Almighty and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).