Sana Fakhar faces backlash in latest Instagram video


Sana Fakhar, a strong-willed and stunning star of Lollywood, is not afraid to have contentious allegiances. The 41-year-old has perfected the skill of how to spice up things on her Instagram account, from publishing bold photographs and videos to her consistent posts on her gym life.

Sana Fakhar celebrated the 23rd of March in her own special style, along with many other celebrities, and gained popularity online.

For all the wrong reasons, a video of Sana’s picture shoot in which the Pakistani flag was used as a prop went viral.

In the video, Sana can be seen posing while wearing a white Kurta Shalwar and having her hair braided in cornrows and the renowned Ali Azmat song Azadi playing in the background.

She utilised the Pakistani flag as a prop for the photo shoot, which infuriated many online commenters for misusing and disrespecting the flag.